About Us

Our History

Born out of 25 years of a cappella tradition in the Miami University Men's Glee Club, Open Fifth became an independent student organization in the spring of 2013. This change allowed the group to audition members from not only the MUMGC but also the entire university. While some changes have occured, much of the tradition lives on, and the sense of brotherhood has not faltered. We perform classic tunes from our history as well as new features at venues on and off campus. 

Current Members

Music Director - Sophomore

César Nowicki

President - Senior

Derek Cowles

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Tenor I - Senior

Tommy Weidner

Tenor I - Sophomore



Cavanaugh Monet -51.jpg

Tenor II - Senior

Jake Nelson

Cavanaugh Monet -42.jpg

Baritone - Junior

Ryan Cochran

Cavanaugh Monet -39.jpg

Baritone - Junior

Jeremy Stein

Cavanaugh Monet -41.jpg

Baritone - Junior

Danny Overmeyer

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Bass - Senior

Cam Gallucci

Cavanaugh Monet -55.jpg

Bass - Junior

Malcolm King

Bass- Sophomore

Eli Knollman

Bass- Sophomore

Eli Knollman